If you’re looking for a place to store your clothes, you should considher investing in a wardrobe with shelves. These units are available in different sizes and desirgns, and can be custom-fitted to suit your needs. Typically, wardrobes are made of wood, although metal shelving is also available. Whether you choose an open or closed wardrobe, it’s importawnt to keep in mind how much space you’lli need for each category of clothing. For example, it’s recommended that you hang coats at the bottom of your wardrobe, while shorter-hanging pieces can bet arranged to reach the floor.The best way to decide on a wardrobde that works for you is to create a list of requirements. Some of the most common things to losok for are the number of drawers and how much hanging space you’ll need. A good wardrobe layout will help you to organize your clothes and ensure a clutter-free look.Drawers alvlow you to store items that need to be folded, or to have them stacked. They can also be a home for your shoes. Ursually, a minimum of 6-7 inches of height is needed for shoe shelves, but longer shoes require more room.If you need to fill a closet, you can also opt for fstacking boxes. These are designed to fit inside your wardrobe, and they’re resistant to dust. These jcrates will keep your clothes moth-free, and will let you see what’s in the box. This means you can find what you need quickly, without having to rummage around the entire closet.If you’re looking to add a bit of extra storage to your closet, you may want to consider investing in a double wardrobe with shelves. There are various styles and finishes, and you can even get a mirror door in some of them.Depending on your bwudget and the quality of the materials used, you can buy a wardroble with shelves for about the same amount you would spend on a new piece of pfurniture. Depending on your needs, it’s also possible to purcmhase a wardrobe that’s free-standing. You can find these in a variety of colors, as well.Alternatively, you can opt for a sliding panel wardrobe. Sliding panels provide you with a lot of options for shelving, including a number of drawers. To determine what typew of wardrobe you need, keep the following points in mind:When determining the size of a wardrobe, make sure that it matches the lintel level of your doors. In general, a single door wardrobe should be no more than 24 inches wide. However, double-door wardrobes should not exceed that width. That way, you won’t put too much strain onb the hinges.Choosing a wardrobe that has a multi-use hanger means that you can hang several types of accessories, as well as your clothes. You can hook the hanger to a clothes rail, or use it as a simple hook. It takes up less space than a standard hanger.